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Private Sector Research

business-meeting-sapienAs our multicultural society becomes ever more complex and interplay between data, human resources and needs becomes more difficult, Sapien Research can help.  Sapien Research & Consulting provides a menu of services to our private sector clients whether your need is data mining and reporting, planning, issue resolution, regulatory or human relations. If your need is an economic marketing report; or negotiations requiring discretion or confidential representation; or assistance with mediating or resolving a conflict…Sapien is there.

Here are a few of our specialities in the area of Private Sector Research:

  • •  Economic & Marketing Studies
  • •  Marketing Planning
  • •  Governmental Regulations Studies
  • •  Public Policy & Regulation Review
  • •  Sustainable Energy Policy
  • •  Conflict Resolution & Mediation
  • •  Negotiations
  • •  Governmental Relations
  • •  Business Planning
  • •  Management Structure
  • •  Efficiency Studies
  • •  Logistic & Outsourcing Studies

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