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Sapien Research & Consulting offers a host of services to both legal professionals seeking cost efficient support with cases, and private sector clients that are seeking the right legal expert or cost efficient support for assistance in a legal issue. 

As the legal profession becomes more specialized and expert testimony becomes more crucial, finding the right expert or attorney is becoming paramount for success.  Sapien experts have decades of experience in North Carolina’s judicial environment. 

Once your expert has been found, litigation is expensive and our experts can assist the attorney in case preparation, research, witness identification, investigation and support services at a fraction of the cost or overhead of in house staff or paying an attorney to perform these support services. 

Here are a few of our specialities in the area of Litigation Research:

  • •  Locating and Selecting Expert Witnesses
  • •  Governmental Regulations and Regulatory Agency interface
  • •  Economic Determinations
  • •  Witness Identification
  • •  Discovery Review
  • •  Presentation Design
  • •  Historical Research


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