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governemnt-building-sapienWhether you are a private sector client seeking assistance with a governmental issue or a governmental client wanting to assistance, Sapien Research & Consulting provides services for both private sector clients and governmental agencies and entities.  Sapien experts and team members have decades of experience with local, state and federal government and many have served in elected office at both state and local level allowing them to know the needs, process, decision makers, motivations and the practical application of the governmental environment.

Private Sector Clients

Understanding and dealing with governmental entities and agencies can be daunting to private sector clients.  Sapien Research & Consulting can smooth and streamline the interface between your needs and the governmental body or regulatory agency you are dealing with.  In addition, changing legislative and regulatory environment can be difficult to decipher or update.   Sapien can be your eyes, ears and spokesman on issues that you know governmental impact is crucial or intrinsic to your success.

Governmental Clients

Sapien Research provides services in policy research and advice for local, county and state governmental issues by utilizing a strategy that includes historical research, legal factors, and a projection of future impact for each policy option.  We strive to assess each situation or issue from the view point of the various stakeholders involved or affected by the policy.

In today's fast-paced and increasingly complex world, it has become more difficult for elected officials, members of regulating boards and staff to stay informed on all of the developing issues they face.  Our expert researchers and advisors are leaders in their field who dedicate themselves to constantly staying up to date on the issues, problems and opportunities of the day.

Here are a few of the areas of Government Research and Policy Advising:

  • •  Sustainable Energy policy (Ordinances & RFP composition and review
  • •  Legislation Assistance (Sapien does not lobby, however, we have significant internal expertise in selecting the right legislative advocate for your needs)
  • •  Ordinance and RFP composition and review
  • •  Land Use Studies and Review
  • •  Economic Development (Impact, Projections and Strategies)
  • •  Community Resource Analysis
  • •  Public Policy Review and Creation
  • •  Governmental Relations
  • •  Public-Private Partnerships & Conflict Resolution
  • •  Strategic Planning
  • •  Governing Board Relations
  • •  Conflict Resolution & Mediation

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